Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brief note on my home page.

I have a couple of comments over on my Home page but here is a picture of a tray with some lily seedlings coming!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A few Lily pics.

Just a few for tonight!
A seedling cross!
 Salmon Creme!
 Lilium Lancifolium I think.
 Some new seedlings coming!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Catching up a little for 2016!

Well I seem to be getting back to putting more on my Blogs these days. It takes more writing so more time as well!
This year is a year of new beginnings as I dug up my main lily area two falls a go and then lost most of the bulbs as I did not get them back in the ground! The old area has been converted to a mixed flower area with Iris and Daylily seedlings as well as a few shrubs and other seedling plants. More on that later!

Last late summer/early fall with the help of my wife and our niece I replanted a number of bulbs from that season but there were no surviving trumpets which was very sad. I am trying to regrow trumpets as I had gathered a lot of seed the previous year as well as buying some.
 Sadly a number of the tags have been lost or become unreadable.
 About 19 plants per row and 6 rows so far.
 A good job well done!

So this spring and summer 99% of these bulbs grew up and many flowered. So good to see!
Here are some of the results from the blooming season! Most are seedlings without names.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So many flowers!

Well I decided this morning I would put up a quick post. Most of my pictures now are going up over on my Facebook page. Just easier since I don't need to write a lot there to get it done.

The blooming season is over for some and others are in full burst. Trumpets especially are amazing. Speaking of trumpets, I was able to donate about 16 Mirek trumpet seedlings to the Honeywood Heritage Nursery this spring.
I presented them to Judy Harley who is the farm Manager. The seeds originally came from Miroslaw Zaniewski in Poland in 2008.

Really a privelege to share some of the bounty from my own garden.
I understand they are blooming now so that is good. I think there will be some more to donate this fall.

So here are some pictures from the season so far. Early ones are in the greenhouse as they were potted up in March in my workshop.

 Next time!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

All the lily seedlings are in the greenhouse.

Well I moved all my potted lily seedlings out to the greenhouse to finish and some have started blooming.
Some curled buds from leaning against things or aphids or both.

 These seedlings are from a cross of L. Hollandicum X Tango Dot Com.

Martagons are growing well.

 Seedlings from seed - Alsace area of France
More seedlings from Poland

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Seedlings in drinking Glasses

Well I potted up at least 176 bulbs in plastic glasses to keep them alive as they started growing in the peat moss in bags in the refrigerator Some are growing very well already and others are still rooting. Here are some pictures.

 This is a Griesbach seedling looking very healthy.
 Some Narcissus at the very front of the picture.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter wonder ..........................seedlings!

Well I put up a few trays of seeds on November 12 and left them in the workshop for about a week at 0 - 8 C and they are already shooting up juvenile leaves! All but one tray are my collected seeds and the other is seed of Trumpets I purchased from Diane's Seeds. Now to keep them alive and growing well.